[Requests cs 1.6] Looking for a developer (pawn , SQL) (paying salary)

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[Requests cs 1.6] Looking for a developer (pawn , SQL) (paying salary)

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Hi guys, i am looking for a developer with full knowledge in (mostly pawn) , sql , and knowledge with sockets to sync between servers

we need this for a new mode ( new server idea) and this mode(servers) will connect and cooporate between an exicting server(jailbreak)
so the developer will need to build new mode and its a really big project so this is not for amature developers sorry..
and work&upgrade&fix the exictsting JailBbreak plugin we have..

**so amateures please do not contact me it wastes my time thanks**

i cant go into details about the new mode
so id like to ask to talk in private, sorry
but m promise it is a very interesting project.
we want to recruit mappers and developers for this to start building new map (for new mode)

Game - Counter Strike 1.6

Knowledge in ->>

PAWN - developing the plugins for cs1.6

SQL - Mainly to connect players data between the two servers

gRIP/sockets - to sync commands and actions that happen between the servers (i explain in PM)


alot of free time

good vibes

big bonus :
knowledge in , modeling , mapping or know more knowledge in developing languages like html , css, js , php..

options : money / Team work
1. Payment - we pay Good money

2. if you like the game and have time and you want to bring something new for this game you can join us and we can open this servers in more countries because it has alot of potential

contact options : PM , Discord , steam

discord : Mangekyou Sharingan#2309

Steam link : https://steamcommunity.com/id/Mangekyou-Sharingan1